Greeting Ministry


Volunteer Leader needed.

Marcia greeting ministry 300x200Our ministry welcomes parishioners and guests to mass each week with a smile and a warm hello, but that is just the job which is most visible.

Behind the scenes, we arrive early to mass to check on the orderliness of the church and the restrooms, offer directions to visitors, set up tables for groups who need them, light candles, check the lights and make sure items are ready for the ushers. We even help with  special requests such as setting up family photo for a baptism.

Also, the Greeting Ministry is entrusted with ringing the tower bell for mass. The ministry is currently self-directed, but the church is seeking more  volunteers  and a leader to organize the members.


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Saturday:  Vigil at 5:00pm
Sunday:  9 and 11:00am
Confessions: before all weekend Masses.
Daily Mass: Monday, Thursday, Friday at 8:30am
Eucharistic Service: Tuesday at 8:30am
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament:
First Friday of each month, 9:00am-10:00am.

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